3Q Who Is The King suddenly announced the roadmap to officially launch, officially opened to experience on May 7, 2019

Apr 25 2019

One of the most anticipated Three Kingdoms strategy games in this second quarter, 3Q Who Is King has officially released information about the upcoming launch date.


Specifically, according to the newly released information, 3Q Who Is King (formerly known as the Three Kingdoms General Story) will have a number of continuous events to celebrate from April 24 until the official launch on the morning of May 7, 2019. Players will download the game early to the machine on May 4, 2019 and be ready to start their journey of "25 days of plowing the king".


3Q Who Is The King will officially launch on the upcoming 07/05/2019


If you do not know, 3Q Who Is King owns the system of 8 quite new methods. By arranging the generals in the correct position, the player can activate additional attributes to increase the strength of the team, restoring the enemy team. And yet, according to the figures that the BQT game revealed, almost every minister will have a separate skill effect, ensuring balance throughout the game and saying no to "general waste".


This is the only game currently owned by the system of 8 extremely unique battles


Players can arrange generals in the designated locations to activate hidden attributes


Nearly every general in the game will own a separate skill effect, do not touch goods, help players to be creative to create the best team.

According to some players who experienced early international version, 3Q Who Is King gathered most of the best features of this series. You will experience 8 unique methods of battle, Lien Chi features, diverse skill systems, billion activities to rank or map to build, raise generals like SLG games ... By integrating many bright details Unique gameplay. 3Q Who Is The King promises to bring to the most dramatic and dramatic matches.


Many players commented that 3Q Who Is King owns the best features of the general card strategy game series;

 The game also allows the player to "pick up a champion" by hand to earn the character he likes instead of shooting the hero as usual


In addition, it is impossible not to mention some of the construction activities, raising integrated SLG standard troops, giving you additional challenges to try to hold troops.