After all, the impressive mobile game Rush Rally 3 will be officially released on March 29

Mar 26 2019

A complete Rush Rally 3 The details of the track are also depicted in more detail and sharper. The influence of the weather on the stage is also fully utilized to create difficulty in the game. You will face slippery puddles, muddy pits, which will make it easy to "drift" at any time. A little snow on the road will also be a hindrance to winter weather.

Of course, Rush Rally 3 will not completely submerge players into muddy rains or snowy winter days. There will still be beautiful sunset stages, and that's where you should best represent your abilities, when the obstacles have been minimized.

If Rush Rally 2 's players have complained about the lack of media in the store, Rush Rally 3 will take you to a collection of the most eye-catching supercar, with the design of the brands the best. In addition, you can still personalize your car, by choosing from paint colors, lamps, logos, etc. to technical details such as internal combustion engines, springs, wheels, and so on. 

For a price of 25,000 VND for Rush Rally 2, Brownmonster is likely to offer a slightly higher price, as a reward for what they have invested. But maybe not, except that Rush Rally 3 wants to monopolize the market of road racing games, is it the first step to turn this latest product into a free game? The next part of this cult school racing series will be officially released on Android on March 29th. If you feel too long, then spending 25,000VND and experiencing Rush Rally 2 on iOS / Android is not a bad option.