AOG – " Arena Of Glory" A very hot MOBA mobile game coming in March

Mar 15 2019

AOG – Arena Of Glory is originally called " Tieu Me Sieu Than", is MOBA mobile game take the extremely famous fiction context in the China market. This product has been brought to Vietnam market by Gamota Publisher since September 2018 and is expected to open in March 2019.

Participating in the Glory Mobile Arena you will meet again and transform into a lot of famous generals with cool design which is divided into group like Tanker, Assassin, Gunner, Assistant Player, Wizard…and also many of MOBA mobile game on the market, product uses the control mechanism by touch keys on the left and the skill system on the right, relatively easy to get used to.

Similar to Arena of Valor , Arena Of Glory Vietnam uses the context of content based on the synthesis of hundreds of diverse civilizations across the globe, even going far beyond the universe. and human imagination. Since then the game brings more than 60 characters (counting in the current version) with each one looking and possessing a unique skill set corresponding to 1 of the 6 pure roles of the MOBA series such as Forest Walk, Support, Assassins, Gladiators, Gunners, Magicians ... for players to choose freely.

In addition to ensuring high competitiveness, manufacturers also try to create a balance between the fighting ability of each character combined with a system of items, equipped with rich complementary support. And in the process of playing, players also need to pay attention to coordinate teammates, change tactics and take advantage of terrain to maximize the character's fighting ability to win.

Gameplay of Glory Arena mobile game is also quite simple, players will play on the map with 3 main lines: Upper, Middle and Bottom. Also in the map is a forest area that is symmetrically arranged on both sides and divided equally for both teams. The form of competition will be 5vs5, the team that will break the opponent's main house will win. In particular, all the generals in AOG have 4 skills so that gamers can freely express their skills more.

In particular, the game has increased buffs, auxiliary equipment, and character attributes to a variety of levels. There is even a Pet delivery item from the house to the General and support the mobility of eyes like DotA. Since then, creating a variety of tactics of the main house players from both sides looks much more unpredictable.

About Arena of Glory Vietnam rules: Glory Arena proved not to be strange to anyone who has ever played through DotA, League of Legends or Mobile Coalition. There will be maps with 1vs1; 3vs3; 5vs5 and the player's task is still to break the pillar, the house to win the final.

Of course to realize this, players need to farm soldiers, raise skills, dress up to suit the situation and stalk in the grass to gank the enemy network. When you are green, you can shout your teammates to organize push-ups, full fights. However, the new highlight of AOG - Arena Of Glory is the application of the eye-plugging mechanism and the use of transfer pet first to appear in mobile MOBA game series in Vietnam. In parallel, the generals of this game possess many of the same skill sets as the League of Legends  generals.