Apple Apply AR Technology In Apple Glasses

May 24 2018

Some technology newspaper reported that the strategy to promote Apple's AR technology will include all three of the upcoming iPhone model this year and especially Apple Glasses.

Technology expert Gene Munster said the iPhone introduced three models this year, will mark a new step in the development of technology AR (augmented reality) of Apples .

According to Gene Munster’s analyst, after launching the new iPhone, Apple will focus more on applications for AR, make it "gradually became a craze for developers", before technology company in Cupertino launched its own Apple Glasses, in 2021.

While Apple has been rumored for researching and manufacturing AR technology Glasses, the launch date of the device will come in later this year. Initially, experts predicted in 2018, after which the device information will be released in 2019. Until now, the newest information that the plan be pushed back to 2020.

The launch date may be delayed to 2021:

Mr. Gene Munster predicted, may be Apple will announce the Glasses in 9/2020. However, in the latest report, the product will be delayed to 12/2021.

Mr. Gene Munster explained that the plan being pushed back to 2021 after some of his meetings with experts in AR.

Whereby experts say, should have more time to develop AR technology and make it perfect, especially for a famous as "careful" as Apple. This is quite similar to the Apple CEO - Tim Cook - that AR technology is not really stable.

"Experts do not know directly about the plans of Apple, but honestly , there is need more time for a AR Glasses can be born. We are looking for an achievement similar to Apple Watch in first year, with 10 million devices sold. So, everything must take time, "said by Gene Munster.

Apple Watch is growing very good. The analyst said that the clock has brought profit for Apple upto $11 billion USD. Overall, Apples’s investment in wearable devices as Apple Watch, Apple Glasses and AirPods can bring up to 71 billion dollars in Apple’s fiscal year 2023.

The new generation of iPhone is expected to be released in this September with 3 new iPhone, which has a new sample of iPhone X, a low-price iPhone LCD with 6.1 inches screen  and a new model of iPhone X Plus with 6.5 inches screen.