Arena of Valors: Garena "Squeezed" Rewards In Many Features, "Strangled" Vietnamese Gamers

Jan 21 2019

Arena of Valor is famous for being one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, but this can't deny the fact that most people who love this game come from Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan. While other areas are still in the development phase of the community or the community is slumping, Vietnam is still considered the capital of this game in the world with a huge number of players up to millions. Because of the large number of gamers that Tencent/Garena has commercialized the game in the most optimal way. The evidence is that the publisher has tightened rewards in many features.

To receive new and "good" rewards, Arena of Valor players must top up their game wallet. 

Arena of Valor gamers want to own many characters, many short-term costumes are required to top up. Here are the features that reward should be attractive, but in fact contrary:

1. Rewards for Treasure Spin

Gamers participating in this spin are all about aiming at Gems, which will help them own expensive skins and even permanent heroes in the Gem Shop. In addition to Gemstones, players can also receive generals and costumes if they are lucky when they spin. Everything will be worth nothing if Garena has not updated the new reward during the last 5 months. At this time, the player can only receive Lauriel and 3 costumes of Lu Bo, Airi and Krixi. Remember that refreshing rewards in the rotation must be done continuously after 1-2 months. Perhaps, Garena is afraid of Vietnamese "plowing buffalo" gamer will own FREE 1 generals and 3 permanent costumes when the cycle is renewed?

2. Generals and skins in Pieces changing shop

In addition to buy generals with Military or Gold, players can find out how to change general pieces to get permanent generals in Pieces changing shop. As the prize in Treasure Spin, Garena will not renew Pieces changing shop. After more than a half of year, the shop still gathered many generals who were only available to newbie or old AP, Tank, Solo lane generals (appeared from seasons 1, 2, Maybe Garena is also afraid of "plowing buffalo" owning FREE generals and costumes through this shop.

3. Active gift 

Players who complete the mission will receive Active points. When they reach certain Active milestones, they will exchange Ruby for the Lucky Gift Box. But the reward from this chest is too lacking compared to international servers. 

4. Conversion rate of changing general pieces/Taking general skin/Permanent skin

If Pieces changing shop still has the old generals/skins, the rate of changing the generals/skins to get the generals/skins permanently makes gamers bored. Most players only receive 1-2 generals/skins when opening the Lucky Gift Box in the Active gift feature or 5 generals in the Treasure spin. While the number of general pieces that the system requires to change permannent generals up to 359 - 539 pieces. Such the conversion rate has made Vietnamese gamers to suffer when comparing to foreign server players. Garena should reduce the conversion rate, while increasing the number of bonuses from the features.