Card Battle Game - A New Project Of Nope Game

May 05 2018

Card Battle Game 

This is a new and promising project that Nope Game has been working on lately. It is a Card Battle game on mobile. Players can collect different cards, each card is a character with different set of skills. Players have to train the characters to fight in battle and challenge modes in order to gain EXP to reach to the higher level. 

The game is focus on collection, upgrading, the strategy of building a deck, the multiplayer challenge, the rarity of certain items, the frisson of excitement when you about to get a new item and you don’t know whether you’re going to get something rare and exciting, or something bog standard and common place.

The trend of all the recent games is mix between different types of game into one in order to bring user experiences to the next level. AR-Hero also catch that trend when it's not only Card Battle Turn Base type but also have the strategic logic. Players have to select the right card to build a proper team with the proper set of skills to win the enemy in battle. 

Looking forward to hearing about this game from us soon!