Dao Kiem Vo Song will officially launch Vietnamese gamers on April 23th

Apr 12 2019

Dao Kiem Vo Song is the mobile game of swordplay from Funtap Publisher. Inheriting what has been done since first version , Dao Kiem Vo Song 2 has developed history and  ranked top several times in the foreign version.


After a short period of time since the first information was released, Dao Kiem Vo Song officially announced the game's release date on April 23. Along with the publication of the game, the Dao Kiem Vo Song is also organizing a lot of activities before the launch so that players can receive many valuable rewards.


In Dao Kiem Vo Song, players will partly be able to satisfy this feature. But compared to the previous predecessor, the game also has a comprehensive upgrade in terms of images, gameplay and, of course, the core weapon swap feature. In terms of image , Dao Kiem Vo Song had a significant leap.  

In the Dao Kiem Vo Song, each player can simultaneously own and use two weapons and freely swap over 20 sets of weapons. Each set of weapons has different advantages and disadvantages, players  have  to learn and build a skill set appropriate to each situation and battle. Therefore, when rotating a set of weapons is also the rotation of the five elements and completely new skill sets.

Specially, in the Dao Kiem Vo Song  you can completely transform freedom without being confined in a certain discipline. And this is also one of the typical features coming from the martial arts blockbuster role-playing game about to be released in Vietnam. Before the launch time, Dao Kiem Vo Song was updating a lot of information related to the event. , ingame activities and even gifts for gamers in the future.

Charismatic diversity

The series of companions in Dao Kiem Vo Song is quite diverse with over 50 different types. You will be free to choose the type that suits your interests and relationships

Harmful skills along with effective index buffs will cause gamers to calculate carefully. Not only possessing a lovely appearance, Charisma also participated in supporting monster fighting and accompanying gamers in PK battles

Rising stars, adding weapons effects

When increasing the star weapon in the Unmatched Blade, in addition to strengthening the Weapons indices also changes the external effect when reaching a certain level.

The effect will change with each step. Each weapon has up to 5 levels. The higher the level the more cool and eye-catching effect shows the player's level. Materials that increase star weapons can all be earned in everyday activities in the game.