E-Sport Is Becoming A King of Sports

May 31 2018

Everyone who present at Seattle, Washington, the first days of last August, certainly not to be missed is a huge sporting event held here. Not football, not basketball, and not rugby - a American’s favorite, this event is a tournament games - Dota 2. Like the final World Cup, tens of thousands of people present at the KeyArena theater cheers and support for 2 best teams entered the final game. Acctually, this is not traditional sports tournament, it’s eSport tournament and gamers will fight each others. 

The eSport tourmanents are growing quickly:

Worldcup will be hold for each 4 years, and football fans will live in memory summer. Worldcup is one of the biggest sports tourmanent in the world with a billion spectators, 32 best teams, compete to achieve the Golden Cup - the dream of any player.

Every year, the eSports games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive all have their own championships tournaments. The tournament has a very large scale, with the huge amount.

Huge attraction:

To make the “milion USD” tournament The International 5, the largest public contribution certainly come from those players Dota 2. Accordingly, the player will run out to buy the book Compendium and articles related to the tournament. Valve will donate 1/4 of the proceeds as a prize for The International.

The total prize upto $18 million USD, is only 1/4 the amount that Valve can gain, do you see the attraction of eSports tournament where players are willing to spend more than $ 70 million?

5 years ago, many people did not believe that an E-Sport tournament with prize money of up to $1.5 million. However, only 5 years after Valve offering bonuses of up to nearly 20 million USD in TI5, Dota 2 fans are confident that they can overcome it.

Huge attraction, increasing professionalism, the amount of money prize is also no sign of stopping...this is the main factor for eSport become the king of sports..