Great product swordplay – Tan Chuong Mon VNG is expected to officially launch in Vietnam this March.

Mar 22 2019

Great product swordplay – Tan Chuong Mon VNG is expected to officially launch in Vietnam this March.

It can be said that in the midst of the wave of landings of many tactical generals, Tan Chuong Mon VNG - the mobile game of card game of Co Long has really brought a new and different feeling. This is a tactical chess card game built and developed by Tianma - a professional team that has created successful products like MU Awaken. Tan Chuong Mon VNG has achieved a lot of success in the Asian market when owning a large number of players and continuously ranked No. 1 on the application chart in China.

Using the popular swordsmanship theme and the context of the famous Ancient Dragon martial arts series brings the familiar and attractive story to players who love swordplay and martial arts. Do not stop there, Tan Chuong Mon VNG is also satisfied for those who love the genre of tactical generals when setting up a lineup including the titles of the extremely classic Old Dragon. Tan Chuong Chuong VNG main theme high tactical elements and top-notch combat features.

Possessing up to 100 classics of Co Long together with hundreds of thousands of martial arts skills, the mind of the mind requires the players to apply various ways of linking and arranging appropriate generals to create strong teams best to match the Grand Master. "Love" at first sight when owning a new generation graphic image with smooth experience, ear-catching sound is optimized exclusively for mobile devices. The famous figures through generations such as Ly Hoan Hoan, So Luu Huong, Luc Tieu Phung ... are recreated in a new way with unique chibi style.

The famous system of the famous General Long Dragon is impressively designed, moving elegant characters, beautiful moves, escaping the hard and dry play. The Tan Chuong Mon VNG gives gamers a system of daily tasks that are diversified, surpassing the copy, not only collecting generals but also strengthening and upgrading martial arts, building a clan to develop the sect from which players meet great discoveries, extremely interesting battles. Unlike previous card game titles, Tan Chuong Mon VNG is considered a new generation strategy game with a fast, attractive game circuit, completely free to VIP.

At the same time owning more high-level fighting features such as similar blood war, martial forestry sword, state battle all server. The most unique feature is the unique "Flange". Or the way to turn the turnbase with 6 main positions using a simple vertical and completely new vertical array with a brainstorming battle experience on the standing screen cannot be missed.