Great Sword King Mobile prepares Alpha Test, reveal unique survival tournament

May 07 2019

Only a few more days, gamers will be "touched by hand" Great Sword King Mobile - VNG, and can experience the first survival tournament of this game.

Great Sword King Mobile - VNG is the latest mobile game of the MMO Action RPG genre, will open the test (with resetting characters) from May 7th. This game is rated as the "superior upgrade" of Great Sword KingWeb which has been loved by the gaming community. On the occasion of Alpha Test, Great Sword KingMobile opened the first tournament: The longer the War - Survival War, the better the reward. This tournament takes place only one day on May 7, from 20:00 to 20:30 with attractive prizes.


Survival Battlefield  of the Great Sword King Mobile is also known as the Peak of the War, taking place on a server-side scale, with all the characteristics of a survival battlefield : hiding yourself, picking up buffs, limiting security area , survivor is the winner. This activity requires players to have tactical thinking and skills.


The Battle of the Survival - The Battle of the War is divided into two stages, the qualifying round  and the Final Round , only the characters from the top 8 of the previous round can attend the next round. The Match Round is done according to the chaos mode. Within the first 3 minutes, it is impossible to attack members of the same state. After 3 minutes of starting, you can attack all the characters present. Each character has 03 life, living longer and rewarding more and more. This round ranking is based on survival time> kill players> force, prioritize survival time. The 8 strongest opponents who won the Qualifying Round will participate in the Final Round by pk 1vs1 format.


The reward for the first survival tournament in the Great Sword King Mobile will be given to 8 people who enter the Final Round: 2,000,000 VND for the winner, 1,000,000 VND for the second runner and 500,000 VND for the others. re-entered the Final Round. All will be awarded by Zing card.

The Peak of the War will also become a regular activity of Great Sword King Mobile at the official launch stage.


Great Sword King Mobile - VNG will open the test on May 7 and officially launch on May 9, 2019. Today, gamers have been able to save their names at