Han Dao Hoanh - The martial arts game based on the famous series of the same name

Mar 08 2019

Han Dao Hanh is a game based on the famous martial arts series of the same name in the Chinese market, if compared to the adaptation games of Kim Dung's series, Han Dao Hanh is not inferior even is a nine one ten.

The main content of Han Dao Hanh praise the martial spirit of immortality, no matter how strong and sharp the weapon is, it is just inanimate, the greatest power comes from courage and martial spirit. human union. The story begins after U Sat Mon rebellion in Vo Lam Trung Nguyen, Ky Lan Lenh representing the Master of Martial Arts also disappears.

Allowing the player to choose one of three sects: Da Xoa, La Sat and Thien Am with the power of similar mutuality, owning their own weapons, own skill sets, Han Dao Hanh begins right away with the leading part Extremely attractive story and seductive.

The player is the last survivor in his tribe, everyone has been tragically murdered by a mysterious force. So, you have to overcome the killings of the enemy and enter the journey to train yourself to become strong to find the true minister in a world full of demons.

The five disciplines of the Gypsy allied against the Murder. Just good, the main character picked up a mystic-seeking book, also because of this secret book that was followed by the U Sat Mon, must hide everywhere. On the way to flee, witnessing the death of his father, his wrath of the protagonist was determined to take revenge. The word created the climax of the series!

Coming to Han Dao Hanh's website, players will play the main character to avenge his father - who is harmed by the Murderer, on the way to avenge the player will experience the most authentic world of martial arts: the battlefield monk battle, free pk drop standard martial arts, set the state to run a pipe. About the game webstie Han Dao Hanh brings full of attractive elements from the traditional martial arts MMORPG genre commonly found in legendary games like Vo Lam Truyen Ky, MU Online until new and innovative, focusing on the Real-time combat forms in both picnic maps and challenges in the battlefield.