If you think Golf is a boring subject then it's a big mistake, try the Golf Blitz right away

May 14 2019

Golf Blitz is a attractive mobile game, which make you love it.
For those who are not really hard fans of Golf, surely they will be bored and tired because of the slow rhythm that this noble sport brings. So what happens if the swing is variable, continuously executed at high frequency in a game?

Golf Blitz, Noodlecake's latest mobile game that is storming the charts on every platform in the past week is what will make it easy to feel the excitement surrounding the golf ball. Inspired by the Super Stickman Golf, the Golf Blitz is the most complete and perfect version of a golf game that is extremely fun but equally dramatic.

Basically, Golf Blitz is a multi-player game, built around the stressful "race" to bring golf to the earliest hole. There is no limit to the number of hits, nor is there a specific rule. All you need to do is make good strikes, away from the threats from the enemy in preventing your golf from reaching the hole.

More specifically, you will start the match with three other players in real time with the goal of bringing the ball to the first hole. There will be many factors that affect the force and direction of the ball. The match will not take place in turn, so most of the evolution of the race will take place in a relatively chaotic way. Golf balls move constantly, creating extremely unpredictable situations. They can completely collide with each other, easily bring advantages but can also rob the player of the opportunity to win the game's nineties at any time.

An element that cannot be ignored, is the graphics. The development based on 2D graphics gives Noodlecake maximum conditions to build their game in a fun but equally dramatic trend. Diverse colors but not glitzy, will definitely make players easily feel the fun that Golf Blitz brings.

Another great thing is that the Golf Blitz is released for free. Of course, not losing any money for a good game means you'll have to sacrifice some of your time for short commercial clips, as a way to earn indirect revenue for the publisher. There will also be relatively quality items that are paid in cash in the game to improve the quality of the player's experience. You can absolutely choose to enjoy your own game. Spend a bit of money, upgrade a few things, have yourself the best quality equipment to conquer the hard screen and set a record or simply want to enjoy the entertaining moments but the golf balls bring, it all depends on you.

You may not feel convinced by this review, but I have to say this is a game that should not be missed. Try it even once, so that you can see that the difficult persuasive reviews above are directly affected by the endless variety of interesting things that can't be just spoken in the Golf Blitz. If you don't know what a game addict is, download and experience Golf Blitz right away on the Appstore and Google Play.