InuYasha mobile - The classic manga game suddenly reopened

Mar 29 2019

After a period of outage to refresh the product. Game of the classic Manga InuYasha mobile suddenly announced to reopen because the number of gamers who want to continue to be immersed in the world of InuYasha is too big.

Recently, gMO InuYasha Mobile has officially reopened to welcome the followers of Manga InuYasha continues to immerse in the colorful world of InuYasha and her friends. It is known that this is the official version of the game and will not reset the character. Currently, InuYasha Mobile still supports 2 familiar mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

If you do not know, InuYasha Mobile is a mobile game in the role-playing genre combined card. The game was built based on the famous Manga InuYasha and received copyright from  Rumiko Takahashi.

Players will play the role of a Warring States character in Japan. At this time, the player will be accompanied by InuYasha and his friends to fight the evil Naraku monster, who is trying to steal the entire Soul Gem to rule the world.

The game possesses a fairly simple 2D graphics with character creation designed in a funny and lovely Chibi style with the original, even the skill sets are the same as in the story. The context always focuses on elements harmonizing with bright tones to be the key to attract gamers at the first sight. Movement of characters is flexible and smooth, showing the power in each skill.

InuYasha Mobile's fighting mechanism was built in turn-based turn-based mode. During the battle, the characters will automatically attack the opponent based on a maximum of 6 match figures. When accumulating enough fury points, each character will have a special move and can be combined to form an extremely powerful combo chain. Strategy is also enhanced with interesting skill effects such as stun, sleep, defense reduction, which requires players to have accurate calculations in each game.

InuYasha Mobile is considered an attractive option in the game market at the present time with many advantages such as easy to play, easy to get used to, and genuine copyright. If you are a fan of popular manga, you definitely can't ignore this game. It is known that InuYasha mobile will officially open the server S3 on March 29 here.