Long Chien Thuong Khung will be officially released on February 20th , 2019

Feb 22 2019

. The Vietnamese game market is becoming more and more harsh with complex requirements, Game publishers always have choosen high quality game products to serve the increasing needs of the gamer community. But the best, is the game that is researched and developed by Korea. Born in the land of Kim Chi, Long Chien Thuong Khung had a stamp on it that was more precious than gold.

The present, Long Chien Thuong Khung provides the player with 3 character classes: Kiem Khach, Linh Vu and Thuong Thanh, each character class will use a different weapon with many unique skills. If Kiem Khach rolled like storms on the battlefield thanks to melee skill, Linh Vu would hide the ability to assassinate the long range behind the soft appearance, or if you were a player Love the mystery, the magic, the Master of Magic - will be the best choice. 

Long Chien Thuong Khung opened a truly immersive world when allowing free trading, 3 branches of cannated , 45 skills, intense hunting Boss-linked servers, Warior system, 80 diverse fashion sets , 17 of all types of Fairy - Ghost or the Marriage feature is full of romance ... Only a few points of view are like that  why Long Chien Thuong Khung has achieved Top Fairy In both Korea and Thailand markets, is it worth to expect?

Different from the usual boring formula building series, Long Chien Thuong Khung knows how to "differentiate", tweaking in every single feature to bring a new and challenging experience. At the same time, it is delicate in each stage, while playing and creating the feeling of wanting to explore more, conquer more. Even in direct contrast to the first generation of games in the market, Long Chien Thuong Khung is fierce enough to challenge even the most bloodthirsty players when providing unlimited PK 24/7 activities, survival map , especially the first tournament in the state of all the servers - listening to it has already seen the atmosphere.