Martial arts -Gypsy Journey Mobile is about to be released in Vietnam on June 5th 2019.

May 31 2019

Gypsy Journey Mobile has officially launched his landing page with lots of interesting information revealed to the gaming community. It is noteworthy that the Yeah1 and 100H Yeah had fixed the timing of the launch of this blockbuster game at 10:00 on 05/06/2019.

Gypsy Journey Mobile based on the circumstances of resentment and familiar familiarity between 2 forces Tong and Lieu great war throughout the day and night. In the game, players will experience a vast martial arts world through the design of full 3D images in the style of PC games in the past and the system of extremely deep character development.

In the current version, the game gives players the typical sect of martial arts game series like Duong Gia, Dao Hoa and Tieu Dao. For each class of characters use weapons, a unique set of skills, supporting each other in battle.

About Gypsy Journey Mobile game is a simple role-playing style that is easy to get to know, where gamers can develop their characters through a series of tasks and activities available in the game. With an enthusiastic support system, players can completely hang up the game to automatically do the task, beat monsters to level.

The game has all the basic features of the series of role-playing games such as the equipment system, the system of mounts, pets, warriors, beauties, wings ... so that players can increase the attributes for their characters.

No matter who you choose, you will still be able to enjoy all kinds of assassinations and sudden revolutions between the enemy. From the conventional subjects to the passive skills, martial martial arts great peaks, ... everything is expressed vividly by the effects of brilliant images, beautiful.

An advantage that Mobile Ho Chi Minh City owns is 3D graphics combined with realistic features. This makes the game but not too eye-catching as many mobile 3D blockbuster games as heavy as today but will still portray a world of free martial arts freedom extremely magnificent.

Of course the mobile game Giang Ho also owns in-depth content to retain gamers. The screen goes hand in hand with your friends, hunting Boss or trying fire yourself in a battlefield of war, giving players the most interesting and unique experience.

Especially the battlefields such as the Citadel of War, War of the War, the Warring States, the National War ... hundreds of people will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.