Microsoft may release the cloud only version of their next generation Xbox console

Jul 31 2018

Most of you have heard that before like Phil Spencer during E3, confirmed that Microsoft is working on a next-gen system. Microsoft is currently developing its next-generation Xbox, with recent reports suggesting the console will launch in 2020, when we'll see the release of the next-gen, 9th gen consoles.

One thing that came up that's new and interesting is that Microsoft may be working on multiple kinds of consoles for the next generation. They're going to have the standard consoles with the CPU inside of it, the graphics processor, optical drive,... It's going to be your next typical next-gen system. But then they are going to come out with a streaming box which is also a games console. It's going to have some brains in it, not going to be a straight up dummy terminal but games are going to be streamed from the cloud on it. Cloud gaming is coming sooner than you think.

Now, the next generation of consoles coming from Microsoft which goes under the codename "Project Scarlett". There are going to be two types of system: The conventional console and Streaming box. The interesting thing about this rumoured Streaming box from Microsoft for the next-gen system is that going to have some processing power inside of it. Microsoft’s gaming revenue increased 39 percent in the recent quarter, driven primarily by software and services revenue growth of 36 percent. Microsoft has fallen behind Sony in the current generation of console sales, and now sees a clear opportunity to create a cross-device service for cloud streaming games. It won’t be an easy victory, though. There are a variety of game streaming services available to consumers right now, including GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Shadow, and Liquid Sky.

So with them trying to introduce cloud gaming with 9th generation of consoles or Project Scarlett with all the crap they tried to do with Xbox One. Years upon year from now, we are all going to be gaming in the cloud whether you like it or not. Microsoft realized that the reality of it and that why they're jumping on board from the get-go in the start of the 9th generation of consoles.