NetEase launches mobile MOBA game MARVEL Super War that supports Vietnamese

May 29 2019

MARVEL Super War is NetEase's new mobile MOBA game project on the Superhero theme that is expected to be released worldwide in June 2019. Especially, this product will also have Vietnamese language support package such as Onmyoji Arena product: The previous MOBA Onmyouji applied.


2019 is a great year of Marvel universe when the Avengers movie: EndGame has created a global fever after only a few days of premiere. Based on the available conditions, Marvel Studio obviously wants to expand its market share to other areas and mobile games are no exception. According to MARVEL Super War, it is the online mobile game product that receives its content and image authorization with the leading Chinese game company - NetEase.


Unlike traditional mobile MOBA games, MARVEL Super War focuses on balanced gameplay, moderate tempo and many combat tactics like the PC experience. In the game each hero still uses 4 skills, 2 auxiliary spells and plays different roles from Gladiator, Magician, Gunner, Support, Assassin to Go to Forest.

In particular, the equilibrium support systems for old and new players like support pearl system have been removed from the game. Instead, MARVEL Super War brings the Buff system completely free, meaning everyone has the ability to start the game equally.


And one of the most prominent features of this game is the use of Marvel universe characters, with lots of different power thresholds.

Specifically, every superhero in MARVEL Super War Mobile can transform in order to create powerful combos, which increase the depth of skill set and create more excitement for the fire fighting style.

For example, Deadpool can switch between close-range and long-range states to bring out multiple attacks on the opponent for example.


Currently MARVEL Super War is in a limited test phase, if the player is interested in the previous test, download the APK file below to the device.