Nexon officially set the release date of Boom M in Vietnam market

Mar 19 2019

On March 21, Boomers will once again be able to relive their memories of the "soulmate". According to Nexon, Boom M is expected to be officially released on March 21. So, just over a week away, the Boomers really have the opportunity to "let me get a ticket for my childhood" with the game that used to make a storm in this Vietnamese market.

Boom is an unforgettable legend, especially for 9x gamers. During the 10 years of its release in Vietnam, Boom has been extremely successful in creating a fever throughout the net rooms. Although there are cute and lovely graphics, Boom is not only a pure entertainment product, but also enhances the competitiveness as well as promoting the strategic mind of gamers. That is also the secret to Boom always gaining a complete position in the hearts of players. For many gamers, Boom is like a witness, a friend who accompanies them during his childhood full of fury. Therefore, when Boom officially announced its closure in 2017, it caused an uneasy regret in gamers. Perhaps at that time many people wondered if they and Boom were "forever divided"?

However, now that all regret has been erased, Nexon has officially set Boom's return date in Vietnam market on March 21. The new product will be called Boom M - a genuine mobile game, inheriting all of Boom's most core values ​​and values ​​every day. Nexon has truly proven its vision and position when quickly catching up with the trend of mobile game development like today. That means, instead of experiencing PC games like before, gamers can now play anytime, anywhere with their phones. All materials that make Boom's success will be perfectly reproduced in Boom M. The most prominent of them, perhaps the character creation part. It can be said that just a first look, all the memories with Boom of the gamers will be recreated in Boom M. Funny characters, familiar maps, lovely equipment ... all help gamers relive the old atmosphere.

Not only at the shaping part, even Boom's core gameplay will be inherited by Boom M and excel in the game. Strenuous battles, moves "brain hack", moments of bursting with humor or pleasure ... all will not be lacking in Boom M. In short, with a veteran NPH like Nexon, we can completely rely on a "whole water" Boom M, or even more so. With modern 3D technology and compelling gameplay, this is definitely a game that deserves to be expected, promising to bring more interesting experiences, more interactive ... for gamers.

As expected, Boom M will officially launch on March 21. From now on, to register in advance and find out more information about the game, readers can access the following addresses.