Nope Game - A Young & Ambitious Company

Mar 14 2018

About Nope Game

In October 2017, in order to complete the goal of building an ecosystem for the Vietnamese gamer community, NOPE GAME was established as a publishing game company, releasing the market with the highest quality game combined with giving gamers a free space to exchange, learn and express themselves.

With the mindset "Do something you have never done to have something you have never had", we choose our own path to build and take care of gamer community instead of making revenue & profit. What go around come back around, Nope Game believe that if we provide the best service to customers, take good care of them, the benefit they will bring is beyond money.

- Our vision: Instead of try to launch as much games as possible into the market, Nope Game focuses more on building our community and take good care of them. We aim to build an environment where not only our customer but also all the gamers in general can live with their passion and communicate with people who share the same hobby.

- We set an ambition to be one of the largest Game Publisher in South East Asia in the next few years. When people think about games, their first thought will be Nope Game.

- Our mission is to build our community through launching games. Provide them the best services to build our strong brand image. Make a playground for all the gamers of any kind of games, bring friends and fun to them. Furthermore, we want to change the mindset of sociaty about games and gamers.