Nope Game - The Pioneer Of The AR Era on Mobile in Vietnam

May 15 2018

A summer blockbuster is coming out in Vietnam, the impressive comeback of AR technology or the heir of Pokemon Go ... that is one of many marvelous name for a Nope Game’ super product "Card Battle" on mobile, a promising and ambitious project. So let’s find out what makes Nope Game such confidence?

Some excellence highlights:

Pioneering features of this game is the AR summon, like the way we catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. In addition, some wise improvements from Nope Game also promises it will base a big summer blockbuster Card Battle in 2018 - the pioneering AR Era on mobile!

PvP features on the real map: This is a awesome feature, which helps players to duel rivals in real time, real map and offer the real experiences.

6vs6 game mode: Challenging and exciting, will bring valuable experiences for gamers. In addition, the "rotating lineup - changing the game" featues will be a tremendous plus point for Nope Game’ braindchild, players can show their military talents, win the battle and conquer the world!

Character: The next fabulous feature is the incredible game story with character system - champions diverse and interesting. With enormous amount of characters, more than 100 heroes. The game story is inspired by Greek mythology, Eastern Europe mythology and Asia culture, even the appearance of mutants (X Men). Its so great and unbeliveable.

With these outstanding features, acttractive game modes and great game story, fabulous characters system..., son of Nope Game promises to be a really blockbuster “Village Game Card Battle”  with the clearly goal: Standing in the Top 1 download on iOS and Android in the first lauched week! Let’s countdown  the Big Bang in 2018!