Our Strategy & The Future Of Nope Game

Apr 23 2018

Established in late 2017, with dreams of building a safely community, a playground connect gamers, Nope Game is a young team, enthusiastic and experienced,  set a daring and ambitios target of 2018 to 2021!

"Our strategy is to be the driving force in the GAME industry. We've built a collection of businesses that can't be beat." - CEO Ngoc Minh Tuan said.

About the company size:

Developing staff fully skilled, professional and innovative ... up to 500 employees, putting Nope Game become TOP 3 largest company game publishers in Vietnam.

Expanding office building and a representative office in Hanoi, Da Nang.

Building effective communities , a playground connects gamers in North - Central and South Vietnam.

Launched Nope Game - Stadium to compete, communicate and organize tournaments for gamers.

About the products:

Nope Game promises to bring many attractive, safely and friendly game projects, apps, with highest quality game on the platform from PC, mobile as well as changing parent’s mindset into postive about the gaming industry.

Over the next 3 years, Nope Game will release the Vietnam market of 50 new games with attractive genres, from entertainment game mode ... until the tactical, wisdom and challenge for gamers aged 15 and highers.

Nope Game not highly profitable and always free for players to build a useful playground, friendly for gamers.

About the revenue:

Nope Game promises a positive future for the company and gaming market in Vietnam. With experienced team members, knowledgeable market, the profit growth of Nope Game in next 3 years can be up to 400 -500% compared to 2018, becoming TOP 3 biggest company game - publisher in Vietnam.