Quick review of Blade II gameplay : The Return of Evil newly released English version of gamers

Apr 05 2019

Blade II: The Return of Evil impresses with beautiful graphics, good fighting, but there are many problems

Beginning to complete the Closed Beta in Korea in early 2018, Blade II: The Return of Evil finally debuted worldwide with its English version. Developed by Action Square and 4:33 Creative Lab released, this is an action RPG on the phone and quite attractive.


The most prominent point of this mobile game lies in the graphics, because they are made by Unreal Engine 4, but that also leads to, many phones that cannot be configured will soon turn into a lump of coal before the game.


Blade II's character system: The Return of Evil is quite flexible and interesting. Basically, players can switch characters whenever they want, even when they play PvE. This is great if you are bored with the main character's skills and want to try some new breeze. The game's shop is no surprise in the gacha, where players can spin the lottery to get new equipment and other items.

Other assessments are not very good, the equipment upgrade system is quite stupid because to get to every Tier 1, it needs very harsh conditions but not necessary. Players who own high-level equipment must clear the entire map beyond the corresponding screen to use it.


Just because of developer Blade II: The Return of Evil wants to aim at the player's control and skills without referring to the power that surpasses the threshold, this is probably the wrong step. The skill point system is also really silly, there are too many skills to upgrade, while players can only have 1 point for each level up, and even can buy skill points with money. This leads to a huge difference in PvP mode.


Currently Blade II: The Return of Evil is only in the soft release phase, there is no official announcement and there are still a few other factors being tested. Also, the difficulty of the game is quite high even in Normal mode. Hopefully the developer will reduce the heat a bit so that the game can be more suitable for mobile players. The game has now reached nearly 1 million downloads on Google Play.