SohaGame is about to launch the new game Tan Thien Ha Mobile - the national battle of RPG

Jun 04 2019

In the upcoming 6/2019. SohaGame Publisher will launch a new role-playing game project called Tan Thien Ha Mobile extremely interesting.

Selecting the historical period of the Spring and Autumn War was fierce when the country was separated and divided into many countries and vassals. Tan Thien Ha Mobile allows players to choose one of 4 characters and 3 countries (3 sides) to start entering a world full of competition.


Each character in Tan Thien Ha Mobile game owns different weapons such as Sword, Spear, Bow and Hold. Depending on your own preferences and fighting style, choose the right character.

Then you must decide to join one of the 3 strongest countries at the time, Qi, Chu and Wei, constantly training themselves to participate in the battles of Long Wars fighting for Most High situation.

Just like the normal national role-playing games, players will also have to go through the main quest series, which is guided through a unique storyline. In times of turmoil, when chaos and war appeared, it was also the time of avarice and ambition.

This is a time when people not only show their strength, wisdom and courage, but also couple love stories, want to protect fully the girl in their hearts, it must be strong. , powerful.

In the process of discovering the story of the game, players will also gradually open the familiar character development features such as Skill, Equipment, Riding Animals , Companions, Spirit, Wings ... Especially the system. The Five Elements souls are divided into 5 categories, including metal,wood , water ,fire and earth can create spells over time, can upgrade and increase attributes for the character and activate the corresponding appearance level.

The control mechanism in Tan Thien Ha Soha is also extremely familiar with 4 main skills for each faction and moves by virtual key system on the screen.

Besides, the graphic in Tan Thien Ha Mobile is designed in a lively 3D style with segments cutting the scene of contempt for contemplation, riding an extremely magnificent dragon flying.


Attached to that is the true weather effect, the effect of being invested in the chu chu with eye-catching combo screens. The scene in the game is also extremely large and beautiful as pictures will make players unable to take their eyes off.


Not to mention that the game actually recreated an immense battle map of the Great War era. With more than 3 million square meters of main stronghold, more than 5 million square meters of unspoiled areas, players can easily feel the national air war, territorial scramble, and continual territory without ending