Super realtime tatics mobile game following "Summoner War "

Mar 05 2019

Com2us , a mobile game company , revealed its new game " Summoner War : Lost Centuria" , which is a new concept of " Summoner War : Lost Centuria" it made an appearance on the 21st, Feb

In the backdrop of the most turbulent 100-year war era before the original work, players can experience the strategic battle they enjoy through new ways such as the pleasure of a strategy game in which the player manages his manor, competition between users and looting.

Global player can to be sunk in tactics battle by own teritory management Compete and hit the territory of other players in real time. Beside, Summoner War: Lost Centuria will use high quality graphics technology to describe characters in true style diferent from the chibi characters in original version .

Com2us also is developing many contents, characters and different skills in Summoner War :Lost Centuria to make familiar feelings for hard fans of S.W as well as bring freshness for new player. Moreover, S.W : Lost Centuria is the first game apply Adaptive Performance ,a new engine technology is developed by samsung Electronics and Unity Technologies . This technology provides a stable game environment on mobile even in high quality game play. Com2us is rushing to complete Summoners War: Lost Centuria to conduct FGT (Focus group test) this year. In addition to this promising game, Com2us is also developing more titles based on the Summoners War brand - the first Korean mobile game to surpass VND 20 trillion and 100 million downloads worldwide.