Than Khuc Mobile Assigns The Official Launch Date With A Multitude Of Exciting Events

Apr 02 2019

Recently, The Publisher Gamota has officially set its launch date in Vietnam, besides, a series of events to receive top gifts will be launched soon after. After the waiting period, the first game of MMORPG standard named Than Khuc Mobile was officially released at 9 am on April 2, 2019 will be the time of the game launch in Vietnam.

Thus, over a long period of "pregnancy", the final stages to complete the server and bring to the hands of Vietnamese gamers have been completed, and wait any longer to quickly arrange the time and "kick" with The Spirit of Mobile. In order to appreciate the feelings that players play for the game,  Gamota also released a series of extremely valuable events in the early days when the server was opened.

Giving a 7-day gift package with orange-class items "super genuine"

Do not stop at personal rewards, Spirit Song Mobile is interested in developing community events in the game to stimulate the link in a most absolute way. Typically, the activity of "Determining a royal war". The goal of this event is directed by the publisher Gamota to link guild members, enabling players in the same state to interact and build strong relationships in the game.

In addition, the reward of "Imperial Battle" is not small at all when all the participating state members receive a very attractive gift. In particular, the victorious host state will receive the title of "General of the Great General", the top of the highest war will receive noble titles such as "the East Pole King", the Western Pole King "," Antarctica The King "," The North Pole of the King ".

Mobile Spirit is one of the first MMORPG released by Gamota this year. This can be considered a pioneering supernatural beyond the systematic genre of modern Chinese swordplay stories. Adapted from the famous PC game of the same name and built on the 2.5D graphics platform.

Therefore, Spirit Song Mobile received very positive comments from the community. Even in the early days of Alpha Test, the Mobile Spirit Community expressed its affection for this game with a series of pictures commemorating Mobile Spirit experience. These are short but time-consuming moments that bring interesting and unforgettable emotions to all gamers.