The Extremely Attractive MMORPG Dark Domain Has Been Officially Released On The Android Platform

May 21 2019

Dark Domain will draw you into life-and-death battles.


In a diverse and rich game market as it is today, it is hard for new launches to take market share if it cannot bring something new or outstanding. The same is true for mobile MMORPG titles. The "poor quality" variety of "copy and paste" from the context to the gameplay is gradually making this once-hot game genre into the "self-destruct" phase.

Treating the sand to find gold, Dark Domain - EYOUGAME's game as a powerful new wind blowing to every corner, blows to MMORPG believers who have been losing their patience.

As described, the Dark Domain context is built on a dark color, with details built and portrayed in a relatively mysterious way. It is mysterious from the hidden things on the armor of the characters, until extremely new, unprecedented systems rarely appear in previous genre titles.

Each map has different visual effects, including familiar features like career skills and great social systems. Of course, it is indispensable for the events of the guild and the rank feature to make you comfortable for your character!

Dark Domain is a "true" dark title game

Basically, what happens in EYOUGAME's game revolves around Assassin, Mage, Warrior and Ranger, each character will have its own attributes and gameplay. In addition, a variety of PvP and PvE game modes will be "windy" options for players, both to refresh the game, and to help you complete many new skills. Especially the guild section, which is indispensable in MMORPG games, will be optimized, making it easy for players to stand side by side with friends to win extremely rare items. Interstate battles will also be part of the game, where the strongest and the "dark" leader in the game will be found.

A few other notable elements in the game, including the character's exterior and marriage. If the outfits bring newness from extremely colorful suits and pets of various types, getting married is an interesting aspect of this MMORPG. Although seen in many previous products, but this "new but old" element promises to help Dark Domain attract a large number of players, as well as help them mount even a couple of lives beyond. a time of experience.

Participate in this journey and you will gradually discover the full storyline of the game. Especially the game also brings diversity with unique transformation skills that players will be unlocked at maturity stage later. At the same time, you can foster your strength by training your level, developing extremely familiar equipment and skills.

A great game, especially for those who are looking for themselves "the other half" with the same passion. Download now this super cool RPG on Google Play (Free).