The Great Samurai War will be officially released on March, 2019

Mar 01 2019

Great Samurai War VNG will officially released gamer community in Vietnam on early March. This mobile game project is the card battle game with idea from Samurai Japan will arrive on early March, 2019. Great Samurai War is card battle game on mobile phone which is developed by Chaos Fighters, Game take the context of war state period, chaotic people. There are four clans : Oda, Takeda, Truyen Ky, Quan Hung fighting non- stop. At Vietnam, Game is published by VNG Corporation . Recently, VNG also have released timeline of launching's game :

- On March 4th Alpha Test
- On March 6th: Close Alpha Test
- On March 7th: Official Launch

Great Samurai War is belong to card battle game. Participating the game , you will choose main character also first ministe to accompany you. There are no character classes for players to choose from but only for male or female. After that, the play will enter your adventure path by passing the ships in the game. And to be able to do that, you will recruit samurai to accompany you. At the maximum, the player can go out with 6 samurai (including the original boss) and add a beast position. Each samurai will have different characteristics of attack, skill, and usage so the player must choose and arrange it properly. Each samurai can be strengthened by leveling up, equipping and strengthening, increasing ranks .

The gameplay is simple, there are not many transformations in the battle because when you enter the battle you will not have to do much and the samurai will automatically fight. Therefore, before starting the player must have the choice and arrange samurai to match. The game also has attractive PvP activities like the Martial Arts Arena or robbing other player resources 

With a unique sense of aesthetic and profound aesthetic perspective, without the need for an advanced 3D platform, the Great War of VNG still recreates an artistic picture, showing the characteristics of traditional history in Japan. In bright colors, it is possible to liken the in-game graphics to a silky and elegant daisy beside a fierce and cruel knife. It is the contrast of chrysanthemum and the knife, the conflict between a peaceful picture and the dramatic battles that are perfectly perfected in the game, drawing a unique unprecedented Samurai War never ever seen.