The pure Vietnamese game of the Emperor 3 is officially open today, players are quick to play

Apr 09 2019

After a lot of successful testing at the end of March, the pure Vietnamese mobile game from the historical context to the development team (Co Non Studio) is Nam De 3 officially opened without resetting. Currently favorite gamers can play immediately, spoiled plowing to stand top server.

If you do not know, in Nam De 3, gamers will continue to discover the history of 12 warlords with a milestone starting from the time Ngo Quyen died in 944, Duong Tam Kha stole Prince, Ngo Xuong Van regained. After that, the children of the Ngo family lost their lives one after another, the people were sick because of illness, and they were under ambush. The powerful leaders rebelled to gain power, local sand, proclaimed king, made Co Loa increasingly fall into chaos, constant smoke and fire, beginning the period of civil war of 12 warlords.


The epic nature of the game is the role of the Four Prince, the remaining son of NgoVuong inherited his father's career silently to continue to fight to recover Ngo's karma. At the beginning of the game, you will play the role of Four Prince - Ngo Can Hung as the supreme marshal, choosing one of the five forces of the army to send his body, day and night consolidating forces and forging weapons to be ready proceed to conquer other warlords.

Entering Nam De 3, gamers will choose 1 of 5 main forces: Hoa Lu, Hoi Ho, Do Dong Giang, Te Giang and Tay Phu Liet. Each force has its own advantages, has the strength of 1 type of army (Dam Binh, Dao Binh, Tuong Binh, Cavalry, Palace). The forces when new to the game have a very strong minister (Dinh Bo Linh, Do Canh Thuc, Kieu Thuan, Nguyen Sieu, La Duong) but gamers must also find many new generals to make the army stronger later. this.

Nam De 3's gameplay is still natural in the tactical direction when you need to manage your stronghold as well as expand your boundaries to earn extra income. In parallel with that, it is to upgrade works, study techniques as well as forging soldiers to train generals, allocating forces, competing with other players.

To win the battle is indeed an art when gamers not only have to combine many different types of soldiers accordingly but also have to arrange the right position, build a suitable squad .. In addition, Nam De 3 also 'nested' a bit of role-playing when you need to find things that fit your strategy to promote your strength and win against other troops.