The Ultimate Series Of Online Games Not To Be Missed in 2019.

Feb 19 2019

After 2018, the online game market has many changes, the series become more diverse, attracting more attention of gamers.

A collection of super cool online role-playing games that gamers cannot ignore in the future.

1 . Guardians of Ember:

Recently, the online action game that beat each other like Diablo - Guardians of Ember has opened for testing. Interestingly, the NSX had conducted this stage in a free form, accompanied by an extremely stimulating "introduction" that "free to slay" made everyone feel excited.

Guardians of Ember offers relatively diverse PvP and PvE battlefields. Specially, PvP  has options 1vs1, 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 to help players can choose to rate or not. In the game, there are 4 races and gamers can choose 1 of 6 classes and even expand the skill board by taking another 2nd class when reaching level 15, bringing endless choices to discover.

2. Astellia:

Astellia is a new fantasy role-playing game that has just been released by Nexon in Korea, so it brings a big surprise when it is revealed that an English server is being built exclusively for Western gamers.

The publisher of the English version is Barunson E & A Corp (headquartered in Korea), which was founded last year. Astellia was also developed by an unite studio called Studio 8. Founded in 1997, Barunson E & A is not a major publisher in Korea, but the acquisition of NAT Games in 2015 - home HIT mobile game development - has made this company remarkable. In addition to Astellia, there are other games in development such as EX Project and B Project.

Astellia is a new step in the modern fantasy fantasy MMORPG that fans have been waiting for. In the coming time at PAX South, fans will get a first look and the opportunity to test the creative and splendid work of Studio 8. Set to debut at the end of 2019, with one The number of beta stages has been planned.

3 Project BBQ:

In the event of the Dungeon & Fighter Festival is held by Nexon and the Neople at Christmas, not only Dungeon & Fighter Mobile launch new products on the Korean market, but also turned to revealing a project that both Working together and Project BBQ. Built for the PC on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, this online game promises to bring a monumental 3D environment with content based on Dungeon & Fighter.

Moreover, Project BBQ is the second game project published by Neople Action Studio. Because they already own Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, based on which Project BBQ will inherit most of the content from the phone version, for example, character classes. In addition, Action Studio at the event also stated that their goal is to create a great 3D action game rather than pursuing new and unique gameplay.

Talking about the name of the game, it was inspired by Gunner's character class BBQ combo in Dungeon & Fighter - one of the action-packed combos, movements that partly help to speak of Project BBQ's rhythm are the consecutive clashes or smashes with smug eyes.

4 .New World

The Amazon Game Studio recently provided lots of pictures of online games in their oven on Twitter, known as New World. Just last month were photos of the two areas of the game, Brightwood and Weaver's Fen, which are now more beautiful scenes and some manipulation, especially the forging feature to create swords, armor or other mining tools include stone picks, wood-axes, and even magnificent buildings. But be careful because only one barrel of dynamite is enough to break a gate.

New World is in the context of another time series of the 17th century, when Europeans migrated to find a completely new continent, filled with dangers, mysteries, endless wealth and The most remarkable thing, is magic. A fantasy world often seen in MMORPG games.

In New World, players can kill each other's characters to usurp the property, but there will be a separate legal system to manage this (no specific information about the good system). . A player can set up a bonus to catch the one who robbed him, asking him to plead guilty before the law (in the game). The legal system will allow players to create content for the community to join.

The game market is now filled with RPGs with high quality graphics. The elements in the game are focused to meet the increasing needs of gamers. 2019 will be a real battle between developers, who will stand up to the strict requirements of the game players.