The whole Three Kingdoms "shrunk" only with General 3Q - VNG

May 02 2019

Have the turnbase high players ever had a real experience like the 3Q Generals?
VNG is expected to launch this fascinating game in the early summer of this year with a very good general image and extremely skills.

Introducing General – Skill

With thorough research and investment in the plot as well as the image, General 3Q will fully recreate the Chinese historical wars. From the famous Xich Bich battle to Di Lang, all will be described by this game following the plot. Designed in color as well as in a classic context, images of power wars will appear extremely clear through game. 

The most famous chancellor in history

Does anyone remember the heroes in the great battle to win the battle from Dong Zhou's crafty hands? Not only is a game, 3Q Three Kingdoms is a "miniature battlefield" with the generals with more than 100 characters that will be described "as best" as possible in appearance and skill set.


Dong Zhou with the "impossible" method

 The Emperor – Cao Cao was created with a very mighty face with his face depicting the calmness of a general and exuding a mighty hero. The set of skill is also no more excellent with the lines of the phoenix flying dragon dancing in the Oriental style.


Cao Cao and his skillful movements

"Human intrigue - Success at heaven" –Zhuge Liang , a talented master with a very handsome appearance, and an indispensable accessory is a typical fan whenever he thinks about a strategy, and goes there are magic attacks that are truly "magic".

The skill of "satisfying eyes" of military talent

Zhou Yu – Xiaqiao , the famous couple of Chinese history will also stand side by side to fight in the battlefield. Not only Xiaqiao, the female celebrities all gathered here like Diao Chan, Chan Co, Hoang Nguyet Anh, Thai Van Co ... All characters are shaped as well as created the "standard" extreme skill set. Three Kingdoms history.


How strong will the couple of Zhou Yu - Xiaqiao fight?


Sima Yi and Tuan Huc with the "Look to play" Chance


Referring to the 3Q General, it is impossible to ignore the "melancholy gods" and extremely detailed description of predestined generals with images of "monumental" moves. Synthesis effects are the most rewarding point in a general card game like this. As expected, this will be a "super cool" strategy game with an "extremely new" play that cannot be overlooked this year.


The game has officially announced fanpage as well as the "genuine" community group at Facebook, passionate owners of card game as well as the heroic history of the Three Kingdoms battles should join now to update the latest news.