A Bitcoin Billionaire Plans For His Futuristic Office: Holographic Receptionists And Secret Tunnels.

Jun 27 2018

Anthony Di Iorio made his fortune as an early adopter of hot cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum.

Now, the cryptocurrency billionaire is spending some of his cash on two video game-inspired real estate projects in Toronto.

Di Iorio recently purchased two spaces in Toronto. One is a 15,000 square foot office space for his blockchain company Decentral.

Decentral's new office is located in the heart of Toronto's financial and entertainment district.

The office isn't ready yet, but we got to see some renderings of what Decentral plans for its office to look like when it's all done. When you first enter the office, you'll be greeted by a hologram receptionist and four different concealed doors.

The hologram receptionist will ask a question, and how you answer determines which door will swing open. They haven't decided yet what that question will actually be, but the company likes the idea.


One of the doors opens onto an oval boardroom with a curved TV screen, playing 3D panoramas.

Beyond the board room is the main office, which is also paneled wall-to-wall with TV screens.

"The space is going to be very white and very neutral," said Di Iorio. "We want the walls to feel like they're moving."



Back to the present: In addition to Decentral's new office space, Di Iorio has purchased a three story penthouse inside the St. Regis Residences Toronto. Di Iorio's new home cost around $21 million.

Di Iorio says that he wants the 16,000 square foot residence to be more than just a home. "There's going to be private events here, he said. "It's going to be very experimental space with projection mapping on all the walls."

Di Iorio says that he hopes his real estate venture will bring more blockchain projects to Canada. "Buying this property means that I'm planted here longterm," said the Canadian-born founder. "Let's turn Canada and Toronto into a tech hub."

 Source: Business Insider, Bitnews Today.