Game Of The Year: 2018's 10 Best Games

Dec 27 2018

GameSpot's nominee countdown for the Best Games of 2018 is over and our choice for Game of the Year has finally been revealed. Each game we’ve highlighted is among this year’s best and should be at the top of your queue if you haven't played them already. Our list was formed by our global team of GameSpot editors and video producers, who spent hours locked in fierce debate fighting for the games they felt most passionate about.

Like in 2017, this year’s nominees were difficult to compile. After all, there was no shortage of amazing games to play across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile in 2018. The toughest decision was narrowing down which game we wanted to be Game of the Year. This year, we selected 10 unranked nominees and then selected the Game of the Year from those candidates, rather than ranking our entire list.

After several hours, we were able to compile a nominee list of the 10 best games culminating in our overall Game of the Year choice. The games in this features are informed by an array of tastes and preferences, reflecting our team's diverse gaming backgrounds and opinions. Read on to see why we chose each game as one of the best for 2018, and scroll to the very bottom to see our choice for Game of the Year 2018.