NETFLIX Says FORNITE Is A Greater Competitor Than HBO

Jan 28 2019

Streaming service juggernaut Netflix recently told investors that its biggest competition above all else at the moment is that of Fortnite.

There’s only so much time you can dedicate to various entertainment mediums. While a lot of my own personal time goes towards playing video games, I’ll occasionally binge a season or two of a show I get into. Whenever I do this though, it cuts into the amount of time I can dedicate to gaming, and vice versa.

It seems that streaming service Netflix is just as aware of this conundrum as well, as it recently cited video games–specifically that of Epic Games’ Fortnite–as one of its harshest competitors of late. In a message to investors following its Q4 results, Netflix stated, “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.” It’s not all that shocking of a statement for those aware of just how much of a time sink gaming can be, but it’s also one of the first times in memory that another company has called out gaming in this direct manner when it comes to cutting into its own market.

It also says a lot that Netflix mentioned Fortnite in particular, which speaks to just how huge the game has become. The success and magnitude of Fortnite is well documented at this point in time, but when one of the biggest media companies on the planet proceeds to say that one single video game is contending with them more than apt competitors such as HBO, then that’s pretty staggering. I’m sure HBO will get its act together soon with that new season of Game of Thrones coming around the bend.

Anyway, news flash: Fortnite is a very large game. You can hate it or love it all you want, but what you can’t do any longer is avoid it. In five years Epic Games will probably just run the entire world, and I’m fine with that, I guess.

Source: DualShockers