Youtube users in Vietnam full of surprise when Youtube upgrade "Stories" feature on their channel

Aug 10 2018

Stories on Youtube are inescapable. The idea of sharing pictures and short videos of your activities throughout the day is apparently a popular one because the latest site to adopt this trend is YouTube. If stories of Youtube is a mimic version of Facebook or Instagram, share videos and text with friends in the app will be a good choice for Youtubers.

Chat on Youtube: YouTube added a chat feature to its Android and iOS apps Monday, allowing users to message their contacts and share videos with them. “Like chats around the water cooler, shouldn’t sharing a video be as easy as saying, ‘Have you heard this new song,'” wrote YouTube product manager Benoît de Boursetty in a blog post.

The new messaging feature is available via YouTube’s in-app share button, which previously only allowed users to share their videos out to other apps. User can either share a clip with a single contact, or start a group conversation with up to 30 participants and anyone added to a chat can respond by adding videos of their own.

Youtube Stories: YouTube has announced plans to makes its own Snapchat-style “Stories” mode called Reels. YouTube’s take on the format will be called Reels, and will see creators combining shorter mobile videos of up to 30 seconds, and then overlaying them with filters, music, text and stickers.

The idea is to allow YouTubers to engage with their followers more quickly and frequently, as you’ll no longer have to post a full length video.

 But, as YouTubers with above 10,000 subscribers can only get the “Community” feature on their channels, YouTube reel will be for select few at present.